Dos and Don’ts for Spectacles Users

We spend so much time and money to find ourselves the perfect pair of #eyeglasses. Now, we would want our favorite pair of glasses to last as long as possible, won’t we?

Here are some dos and don’t for #spectacles users, that will help your pair of glasses to last long and give you a comfortable pristine vision.


1. Use Spectacles of correct prescription

Glasses of incorrect prescription will not only compromise your quality of vision, but they will also lead to other symptoms like headache and eyestrain.

Therefore it is recommended that you get a correct prescription, preferably from an ophthalmologist before you get your pair of glasses.

2. Regular checkups

Spectacles prescriptions often change from time to time. It is advised that you get your regular check up so that you are up-to-date with your most current prescription for your spectacles and have the best quality of vision.

Especially if you experience eye fatigue, eye strain, difficulty in reading or working on digital screens, you might want to visit your eye doctor to revise your spectacles prescription.

3. Choose the right frame

Choose a frame for your spectacles according to your face, and of course your choice! Keep in mind that too small a frame will limit your field of vision and too large a frame will add undue weight to your glasses.

4. Always remove your glasses using both hands

We usually have a tendency to pull at our glasses with just one hand. Try and avoid this. This causes increased chance of damage to your spectacles frame. The temple hinges would loosen out over time and the disturb the alignment.

Cultivating the good habit of removing your glasses with both hands might just save you a few visits to your optometrist to get your loose spectacles frames fixed.

5. Store glasses in a hard protective case

Storing you glasses in a protective case protects them from dust and dirt so you have a clear vision when you wear them next. Also proper storage will protect your glasses from scratches and damage.

Travel plans? Do not forget to carry your spectacles case! Even otherwise, prefer to store your glasses in a hard case to protect them from damage.


1. Don’t put your glasses lens side down

I know I sound like I am stating the obvious, but this is the most common mistake most spectacles users do, often unknowingly. Maybe you are in a rush, maybe your mind is occupied or maybe you are just tired, but if you need to put your glasses down, make sure the lenses stay off the surface.

2. Don’t use if there are scratches on your glasses

Scratched glasses will not only fail to provide you the best quality of vision, they will also cause undue strain on your eyes due to irregular refraction and glare from the edges.

See any scratches? Time to get a new pair of glasses!

3. Don’t clean your spectacles with rough cloth or harsh chemicals

Never use tissue, paper, or a piece of clothing to clean your glasses and these contain rough fibers that will cause scratches on your glasses. Do not use harsh detergents as they will damage the coating and will cause minute scratches that will decrease the clarity of your vision.

The safest way to clean your spectacles is to rinse them warm water and allow them to air dry or wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Rinsing is important because if you wipe a dry lens, you’ll just rub the dust onto the lens and cause scratches.”

Cleaning your spectacles once daily is essential so that your eyes wouldn’t have to struggle to see through dust, dirt or smudges on your glasses.

4. Don’t wear them on your head.

It may seem convenient (and often stylish!) to just push your glasses onto your head when you don’t need them for a while, but please don’t do that!

It puts undue strain on the hinges of your spectacle frame. As the result, the pair of spectacles will end up getting loose over time. And of course, they may just fall off and get damaged.

5. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight.

The dashboard of your especially! If you are driving and you don’t need your glasses for a while, avoid putting them on the dashboard as they will be exposed to a good amount of sunlight there. Same goes for a window sill. Your spectacles with be exposed to direct sunlight there.

When you need to put your glasses away for a while, put them in a protective case. If not, at least put them where there is no direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will damage the coating of the spectacles and may cause melting of plastic frames.

Got questions? Drop in a comment or email me!

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