My experience as a doctor in Covid Ward

The current #Covid pandemic situation has taken a toll on all of us, physically, mentally and financially. I am sharing my experience as a doctor in Covid ward.

Like most of the doctors in our country and world, I too have served in Covid Wards, trying to fight the pandemic that has disrupted so many lives.

Covid Patients

I have felt a deep compassion for the patients in the Covid wards as I could see how afraid they were.

Normally when we fall sick, we usually have our family members caring for us at our bedside, but Covid patients find themselves all alone in a ward surrounded by strangers. Along with the fever, cough and breathlessness that physically incapacitates the patient, the anxiety takes a toll on their morale as well.

“One of the most difficult things about being admitted in a Covid ward is not having a loved one around you.”

During my rounds in the covid ward, along with treatment for their physical condition, I used to try and spend a few minutes talking to the patients, explaining their progress to them and boosting their morale by reminding them that they were going to get well soon and go home.

The Healthcare staff

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff have worked tirelessly to fight the pandemic.

“Some doctors and healthcare workers have done duties in covid ward continuously for months, staying away from their homes and families.”

While the healthcare workers were overburdened with work for long hours wrapped in plastic, without food and water, they did their best to provide the best possible care to Covid patients.

As a doctor, I too have tried to save as many lives as possible, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t save some patients. It was an absolutely heartbreaking feeling.

One of the major challenges was to control the panic, especially during the brief period of oxygen crisis, when the death rate was particularly high. Although most patients and their relatives were extremely respectful, some were rude and aggressive. It is indeed saddening when I hear about violence against health care workers. All I wish to say is –

“We are not the ones who have hurt you, we are the ones trying to save you, putting our own lives at risk.”

I genuinely appreciate the respect and admiration shown towards us healthcare workers by the people of India in these difficult times.

My request to the readers

Doctors and other healthcare workers can treat you if you get infected, but I sincerely pray that you and your loved ones would never need to see a doctor or a hospital for Covid 19. And that is entirely in your control. If you take the right precautions, you will be able to protect yourself from this deadly infection.

Please understand the importance of wearing masks, hand hygiene and social distancing in protecting yourself, your family and the world.

Lockdown, although saved several lives, has taken away the livelihood of millions. The economic setback will have us struggling for years to come.

“Lockdown isn’t a permanent solution to the coronavirus pandemic situation. Wearing masks and following social distancing is the only way we can beat this virus.”

Another great weapon that we have against coronavirus is the vaccine. Since most of the health care staff in our institute have been vaccinated prior to the deadly second wave, we have observed that it prevented severe disease in more than 95% of those who have received both doses of the vaccine.

“Vaccination is safe and effective. If you are eligible to receive coronavirus vaccine, do get vaccinated.”

If you ever feel like you are losing hope, just remember that this is our fight, and together we are going to win this battle against this deadly virus. Life is going to be free and beautiful again, like it once was. All we need to do is stay strong!

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